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Specializing in Sprinkler Repair & System Maintenance

Over time, irrigation systems can experience a lot of wear and tear. If any aspect of your existing system isn’t performing in the way that it should, then it’s likely time for repair.  Our service department is staffed with full-time, licensed, highly trained technicians committed to providing you with quick precise troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance.  Our fleet is fully stocked, ensuring reliable service with limited return calls.

We are proud to provide professional sprinkler repair in Saint Peters, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. By investing in our repair services, you can avoid costly replacements, while still getting the effective lawn irrigation you desire. Our irrigation experts utilize years of experience and training to develop solutions for even the most severe sprinkler problems.

Keep Your System in Tip-Top Shape with Irrigation Maintenance

Since 1988, our licensed and insured company has remained committed to delivering quality workmanship at reasonable rates. Whether this means performing fast repairs or routine maintenance, you can depend on us.

All sprinkler systems need quality maintenance to ensure its best performance and prolong the life of all its components.  Our knowledgeable technicians can work on all brands of irrigation systems.  The following is a list of services we provide to keep your system running smoothly throughout the year:


  • Pressurize System, Cycle through each zone for proper operation
  • Visually inspect the entire system, Adjust heads for appropriate coverage
  • Check Rain Gauge (if applicable), Activate booster pump or lake pump (if applicable)
  • Program controller for current weather conditions

Backflow Device Test

  • A certified /licensed technician will perform test on the backflow device
  • File all necessary paperwork with proper city, county, or municipality


  • Turn off main water supply to system, Drain the backflow device and the water tap
  • Clear all water lines with an air compressor
  • Winterize the booster pump or lake pump (if applicable)
  • Deactivate the controller and rain gauge (if applicable)

Once your system has been up and running for a while it is a good idea to have the mid-season inspection done.  During the summer months unseen problems could be costing you added money, such as leaks driving up your water usage or broken heads causing dry spots and puddles.  Our visit during this time can help eliminate these issues.  A small investment now could lead to bigger savings in the long run.

Mid-Season Inspection

  • Inspect backflow for any problems and make sure backflow is leak tight
  • Run through system and check all sprinkler heads for correct adjustment and rotation of heads
  • Check programming of controller and re-set for current weather conditions

Emergency Service After Hours & Holidays

  • In the event that we are contacted on the emergency line and make a service call, an emergency fee will be charged in addition to our hourly rate


A revamp is a redesign of an existing system due to construction or upgrading to newer water saving features.  Are you planning on installing a swimming pool, retaining wall, patio, deck, major landscape or home addition?  We can reconstruct your current system to meet your evolving needs while saving water consumption.  

Schedule an Irrigation Audit with Us Today

Do you want to know exactly how efficient your irrigation system is? Invest in an irrigation audit and uncover hidden issues that result in wasted water usage. Our audit services involve a series of tests that effectively evaluate the performance of the entire sprinkler system.

This allows us to locate the zones suffering from leaks, insufficient watering, or even excessive watering. Should you be unsatisfied with the efficiency of the system, we encourage you to upgrade your system through a line of smart, weather-based products designed to maximize performance and decrease water usage.

Contact our Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Danny Rolens #84290, for an audit of your irrigation system.

Schedule sprinkler repair with Harvestowne Irrigation to get your system back up and running. To learn more about our maintenance and repair work, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Our service area includes Saint Peters, Missouri, Saint Charles County, Saint Louis County and the Greater Saint Louis Metro area.